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Patients & Visitors

Patients & Visitors

Hospital Admission – before you arrive, what to expect

Follow the instructions in your letter from the hospital.  You may need to not eat or drink anything for many hours before going into hospital.

Planned and elective hospital admissions are strongly encouraged to attend the pre-admission assessment to make sure you are ready for treatment. Failure to do so may result in cancellation or delay in your procedure. This may be done over the phone or you may need to come in for an appointment.  You may also be asked to fill in an admission form with your personal and funding details, such as your Medicare card number and private health insurance details.

When you get to the hospital a nurse will talk to you about your medical condition and your current health status and may do some health checks to make sure you are ready for your procedure or surgery.

Let hospital staff know if you have any special needs such as disability access, dietary requirements or interpreters who speak your preferred language.

If No Private Hospital Bed is available

The Mount Gambier Private Hospital has limited capacity to accept emergency admissions.  These most often receive their initial treatment from the Public system.  Most days, Private Hospital beds may be in use or reserved for pre-booked surgical admissions.  When this occurs, you can be admitted to the Public Hospital.  In this instance, full benefits from private insurance are not available e.g. single rooms, and the charges reflect this.

We will ensure that the Nurse Unit Manager of the Private Hospital is informed of your admission and, if a bed becomes available in the Private Hospital, you may be able to be transferred for the remainder of your stay.

Patient Benefits

Having private health insurance enables you to have more control over your health care, choice of services and choice of doctor. You are able to avoid public hospital waiting lists and patient priority order.  For a full list of benefits available to private patients at the Mount Gambier Private Hospital click here.