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Patients & Visitors


As your safety and wellbeing is our major concern, please stay in the hospital until you are discharged.

You will need to see a doctor, specialist or health professional before leaving the hospital.  The doctor will discuss your discharge date with you and, depending on your condition and well-being, this date may change during your stay in hospital.

At the time of discharge it is important that you:

  • have all of your belongings, including any medications or x-rays that you may have brought into hospital with you;
  • have received your discharge medications or prescriptions (if any), and discussed them with your doctor and pharmacist prior to your discharge;
  • are aware of any follow-up appointments with your Specialist or Medical Officer;
  • have the discharge information given to you by staff, including any dietary or activity restrictions;
  • have discussed and been referred to any community services required for your return home.

If you wish to leave the hospital for a special reason or matter of urgency, please discuss home leave with your nurse.