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Patients & Visitors


Your safety is our main concern therefore, please remain on hospital premises until you are discharged. If you need to leave for urgent matters, please discuss home leave with your nurse. The Mount Gambier Private Hospital asks that you notify staff when you are leaving hospital.

To assist you in returning home, discharge planning starts on admission. On some occasions, your doctor will provide you with an estimated length of stay. The Mount Gambier Private Hospital aims for discharge prior to 11:00am and encourages you to arrange for someone to collect you prior to the discharge day. 

You will need to see a doctor, specialist or health professional before leaving the hospital.  The doctor will discuss your discharge date with you and, depending on your condition and well-being, this date may change during your stay in hospital.

It is important prior to leaving hospital that you:

  • have all of your belongings, including your own medications, x- rays, phone changers and items of clothing,
  • have received your discharge medications and received education from our ward pharmacist,
  • have been provided with your ‘discharge passport’ detailing:
    1. Your identification details.
    2. Initials of nurse facilitating your discharge.
    3. Care provided during admission.
    4. Any referrals that have been made to other services (i.e., community health, heart and vascular).
    5. Checklist for discharge medications.
    6. Detailed information of pain relief given to you (if required).
  • are aware of any follow up appointments with your Specialist or Medical Officer.

As part of your follow up care, our staff will endeavour to call you the day after your admission. Nursing staff will assess how you are post-discharge and if your condition has improved. If your condition does not improve or if it causes you concern, staff will prompt you to seek further medical advice or return to the Emergency Department.

Discharge at your own risk

Every patient has the right to discharge themselves from Hospital. Should you decide to discharge yourself against the advice of your doctor, you will be asked to sign a form disclaiming any hospital responsibility.