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Patients & Visitors

Admission as an Emergency Private Patient

If you come to the Emergency Department of the Mount Gambier & District Health Service (MGDHS) seeking assistance, you will be seen and treated by public hospital staff in the first instance, unless your private doctor has made prior arrangements to see you at the hospital.  Please inform nursing staff on arrival that you have private health cover and would like to use it.

If you are seen and treated by the public hospital medical staff in the Emergency Department and you require admission AND wish to be admitted as a private patient, the staff will assist you in contacting your private doctor.

Your private doctor MUST accept you as his/her patient and in doing so, agree to take responsibility for your care.  You cannot be admitted as a private patient in either the public or private hospital unless that occurs.

During business hours; Monday- Friday (0800-1500), the administrative staff of the Mount Gambier Private Hospital will confirm your details with your nominated health provider. They will inform you of any excesses or additional costs associated with your treatment. This information is subject to the terms and conditions of your health insurance provider. Upon your acceptance of any charges, you will be admitted to the Mount Gambier Private Hospital.

Out of business hours, your cover cannot be checked. Instead, all patients are admitted at their own risk. You will be expected to sign an ‘election form’. This election form explains you are responsible for any excesses, additional costs or charges associated with your treatment or accommodation. It acknowledges the Mount Gambier Private Hospital takes no liability to cover any medical service fees. Every attempt will be made to bill your private health fund direct. To discuss payment of your account please ask to speak with our administration staff, who will endeavour to answer any questions you may have. 

If you do not have private health insurance, you can nominate to be admitted as a self-funded patient and you will pay a competitive rate for your stay in hospital. You will need to sign an election form, indicating an informed financial consent has been provided. For elective patients, payment is required on the day of admission. For all other admissions, the Mount Gambier Private Hospital strongly encourages payment prior to discharge.

Please note: Patients who remain in hospital for longer than 35 days and are medically stable may be liable to pay a fee. 

An Emergency Private Patient Toiletry pack is available for patients who are unexpectedly admitted by the Emergency Department to the private hospital.